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Creative Art Retreats & CEU Workshops

“Outstanding presentation, technique, friendly delivery also from instructor, relaxed atmosphere = A+ in my opinion – will definitely use therapeutic art concepts and I will come back for more CEUs!!”

Angela Alderman, LPC

“Excellent. Fun, relaxing, and fulfilling!”

Ginger Joiner, LSW

“Very well done. Anyone in the counseling profession could benefit from this workshop. It promotes self-care and has many applications that can be used with all ages.”

Greta Beaver, LPC

“Very creative and hands-on. I enjoyed creating and learning a new skill!”

Karen Newbury, LPC

“Very informative. Liked interaction in the class.”

Patrice Lott, LPC

Feedback from one of our students in the DoodleBohmBa program for Social Workers. She is excited to incorporate the program into her work with her clients.

“A meaningful experience. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a way to express themselves! As a Licensed Therapist, this is what just might be missing from my tool box! Thank you, Richard!”

Shantana Allen, LPC

“Fun, creative, and out-of-the-box thinking that impacts you and your clients!”

Lindsay Benson, LPC

“This workshop was amazing & very therapeutic!  I would use this for so many different things in Coping For Clients!”

Stayce  Williams, LPC

“Very enjoyable & relaxing. Fun but full of good ideas for self-care and therapeutic interventions. Thanks!”

Joan Collins, LCSW

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