DoodleBohmBa CEU Mashup Workshop

Tulsa Stained Glass is pleased to introduce the DoodleBohmBa CEU Mash-Up Workshop as a means for self-discovery through creative doodling & art exercises. In an effort to give individuals a voice by allowing self-expression through spontaneous art, Tulsa Stained Glass now offers therapeutic workshops designed to help professionals benefit their clients.  Under the direction of program founder Richard Bohm and Julie Garrett, MSW, LCSW, professionals are led through a curriculum that empowers them with the skills to help their clients in a whole new way and offer an opportunity to participate in a community project.

Begin a new journey of wonder in helping others overcome obstacles and achieve well-being by enrolling now in a DoodleBohmBa CEU Mash-Up Workshop.

DoodleBohmBa art projects

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Experience the Power of Art

Experience the Power of Art: Splat’s Guide to Self-Expression and Spontaneous Art can help you tap into your natural creativity. Learn how to enjoy spontaneous art and nurture your creative spirit. Live the DoodleBohmBa life of creative thinking.

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DoodleBohmBa is all about spontaneous creativity.  You can express your creativity using many media, from finger painting to markers to stained glass! If you want to learn more about stained glass, take a class with us OR check out our instructional videos.

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Making DoodleBohmBa Work For Your Organization

Your organization or company can promote your brand on the Experience the Power of Art book.  Purchase branded copies of the book to use in your outreach or fundraising.  DoodleBohmBa instructor certification will be available soon; this can extend the reach of your program even further.

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Group Outings

Learn about the great group outing and team building options offered through Tulsa Stained Glass, as well as events tailored specially for seniors. Whether you’re looking for a fun, relaxing art project or a more challenging competitive activity for your group, we can tailor an outing for you.

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Garden Spirit Stained Glass Classes

Enjoy a variety of Garden Spirit Stained Glass Classes at Tulsa Stained Glass. Our garden spirits are the 3D stained glass form of spontaneous art!

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