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Do you long to create beauty — both artistically and in your daily activities? Are you looking for a way to grow your creative confidence and lead a more satisfying life? Then this book is for you! Creating art is a powerful way to express yourself, find healing, maintain your emotional balance, get clear on what matters most, and be the best YOU.

And you don’t have to be a skilled, trained artist to use art as a tool to improve your life. That’s what this book is all about — showing you how using simple, easy-to-do doodling as a tool for discovery and self-fulfillment, as well as a starting point for artistic invention. Inside these pages, you’ll discover:

  • Expressive painting techniques and basic drawing fundamentals that anyone can master.
  • Techniques to help craft lovers create original artwork with creative confidence.
  • Keys to develop a higher level of self-expression.
  • Ways to lead a more fulfilled, balanced life through making art.
  • An introduction to stained glass art for those who want to add this to their artistic skill set.

Experience the Power of Art - a DoodleBohmBa Book

Experience the Power of Art provides inspiration, instruction, and practice exercises to help you express yourself with art, even if you don’t think you are “creative”.  Use the book yourself or help someone else learn the DoodleBohmBa principles by experiencing the power of art together. 

LOVED the DoodleBohmBa Book!

LOVED the class and the DoodleBohmBa Book. Who would have thought how freeing finger painting would be? I was a kid again! No mistakes only beautiful art work. I do not have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to make something pleasing to the most important person – ME! With that very first class, the rusty lock on my creativity broke open. I was able to do simple line sketches after that very first class. Simple line work sketches can lead to the creation of beautiful things. I hadn’t sketched since high school. I stopped because they weren’t perfect. But who needs perfect? I don’t anymore. Get it close, let if flow and stop when you want.

I loved the simple presentation of art in the book. It covers all of the important items for the art world: balance, color, perspective, etc. and doesn’t present it in an intimidating way. It invites you with its simple presentation of art to step through the door to a whole new world – your own art. It doesn’t have an imposing attitude to prevent you from accepting the invitation to create.

The focus on the story of each piece of art whether it be a finger painting, drawing, or stained glass window allows me to relax and enjoy the ride of creating something for the sheer joy of creating.

 – Cheryl B., Tulsa Stained Glass student and engineering professional, March 2018