About Us

Richard Bohm is the creator, founder, and driving force behind DoodleBohmBa.  Richard’s working career started at age 15, when he was hired as a welder’s helper in the Gulf of Mexico. Early work habits and creative problem-solving have been a keystone of his career. With more than 40 years experience in the stained glass business, Richard conducts classes and builds custom windows for homes, churches and businesses. He and his studio, Tulsa Stained Glass, have had many successes, but few are more satisfying than those that have a heartfelt story to tell.

Richard’s philanthropic adventures began with an art project in conjunction with Tulsa’s Ronald McDonald House — kids made concept artwork of the House’s mission, and Tulsa Stained Glass students replicated it into two stained glass windows that were installed and are still on display in the House. This was the seed from which the Art Smart Challenge drawing competition — an outreach to encourage art and well-being among children and adults world-wide — has grown. DoodleBohmBa, DoodleBohmBa Mashup and the project to design and build a stained glass window for Tulsa’s Resonance Center for Women are building on that foundation.  Richard has given up on saving the world many times, but he remains an advocate for helping others reach new heights by using art as a tool of discovery and self-fulfillment.

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